Erklärgrafik für Biogasaufbereitung der Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH


Simply reliable technology

Carbotech is a pioneer in biogas upgrading in Europe and one of the leading manufacturers with over 90 plants delivered.

The BUP series has all the features expected of a biogas processing plant: safe, reliable, economical, compact, and at the same time easy to operate and maintain.

Carbotech’s unique pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process has been developed and optimized over several decades. Continuous further development and experience from plant operation ensure maximum efficiency and reliability at all times.

Your Advantages:

  • Minimum power consumption
  • Nitrogen separation
  • No need for process water, process heat, or chemicals
  • High methane yields
  • No aging of the separation material
  • High efficiency even in the partial load range

We offer you solutions from a single source. In addition to the PSA technology for the separation of CO2 and N2, we also offer you the necessary plant components for the separation of harmful trace substances such as H2S, VOCs, siloxanes, etc.