Carbotech’s gas systems turn biogas into biomethane – and thus into an extremely high-quality and renewable energy source. Biomethane is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Its generation is environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable, and can be ideally integrated into heat utilization concepts.

We offer project-specific, customer-oriented solutions for the purification and upgrading of biogases from the fermentation of renewable raw materials, biogenic waste and landfill gases. Biomethane can be used without hesitation wherever natural gas is used.

Biomethane for grid feed-in

When fed into the existing natural gas grid, biomethane can be transported, stored, and distributed on demand. In 2006, Carbotech installed the first plant in Germany that processes biogas and feeds it into the grid.

Biomethane as fuel

Upgraded biogas can easily be used as fuel for natural gas vehicles. Delivery to natural gas filling stations is either via the natural gas network or via previously compressed gas (CNG) in pressure vessels. Furthermore, Carbotech has the technology to process the biomethane so that it can then be liquefied (LNG).

More than 90 plants worldwide – total output: 4,500 GWh of renewable energy per year – savings: 1.8 million tons of CO2 per year – supply capacity with regenerative heat:
approx. 360,000 households.


Hydrogen is one of the most important chemical elements and is part of almost every organic compound on earth. It is considered by many experts to be the raw material of the future.

Carbotech’s mission is to produce pure hydrogen and make it available for traditional applications, e.g. in the refinery industry, but also for the growing demand in the mobility and energy storage sectors.


Nitrogen is used in various areas of many industries. Since nitrogen is an inert gas, it is used primarily as a protective gas for the purpose of inertization.

And wherever oxygen reduces the shelf life of products or impairs their quality or may lead to critical and undesirable reactions, nitrogen is used as a protective or purge gas. In a wide variety of applications in the food, metal, and chemical industries, Carbotech plants are in use worldwide, both as land-based and marine plants.