New energy for your career!

Anyone who, like us, is concerned with reducing CO2 to protect our environment is prepared to take responsibility. Make climate protection and climate protection technologies your profession. You can hardly pursue a more sustainable career.

With Carbotech, you become part of what is probably the most important topic of the future – the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions, the limitation of atmospheric warming and thus also independence from fossil fuels.

Innovative, dynamic, nature-conscious.

We generate green energy by processing biogas into biomethane, for injection into the natural gas grid or for further processing into CNG or LNG. Add to this the production of high-purity hydrogen, which is converted into emission-free electrical energy e.g. in fuel cells.

Hence, we are an innovative company that offers future-oriented and permanent jobs to ambitious colleagues.

More than
just a job.
A mission.

Modern workplaces await you here with us in Essen. Our office premises cover a spacious office floor in a central location and we are indeed quite proud of our roots in the city and our history of more than 90 years. From here, we want to work together with you to help shape the future for renewable energies.

If you want to contribute your own energy and help shape a climate-friendly world of tomorrow, this is exactly the right place for you. The tasks are diverse and exciting!

We offer you working conditions that can be adapted to your individual needs and an optimal framework to fully exploit and contribute your potential. In our company, working life and private life can go well together.

Your skills are in demand.

What are you waiting for? Pursuing a career always makes sense if you use your ambition for something meaningful. And in case you are able to do something that will help us advance towards our objectives even faster: All the better.

Apply now.

This is what you can expect from us: Job time, leisure time, your time!

We offer flexible part-time and full-time models both at our office and on a home office basis. In addition, we round out the work-life balance with 30 days of vacation per year.

Here’s how you get here even better!

With just 800m to the main train station (11 minutes walk!), a space here in the underground parking or even by using our bike leasing, one thing is centrally and sustainably guaranteed: You arrive at your workplace in a relaxed state.

At Carbotech, we regularly offer positions in the following areas:

Process design:

Here, the vision becomes a project. Everything starts with a flow diagram from which the safe and efficient design of all processes is derived. Handling flammable gases requires the utmost care and discipline. But having fun with innovative thinking also helps us to come up with creative solutions.

Electrical design:

Whether switchgear, automation, measurement and controls, we plan everything under one roof – all the way to construction supervision and a perfectly functioning plant. In effect, you are planning the energy that drives everything we do.


From plan to reality – one must mesh with the other. The plants are brought to life – with one thing being clear: Not everything always goes according to plan – dealing with that is the skill. But as a team, we can handle anything.

Mechanical design:

Energy in gas form is transported in pipelines. Here you are responsible for the plan that perfectly sequences every step from the 3D model to the production drawing, from piping and steel structures to their production monitoring.

Project management:

You keep an eye on everything and have an overview of everything: Milestones, costs, and contracts. And if contradictions arise or conflicts emerge: You make sure that everyone gets together to resolve them. You lead your project team until the last bolt is in the right place and the last approval is granted.
With certainly.


You know what the customers want. You know what they need and require. Because you have listened to them. Step by step to the conclusion of the contract. You analyze markets and maintain customer contacts. Together with your colleagues, you create technical concepts and offers. In this way, you will find optimal solutions together.



Initiative is always welcome!

There is no suitable job posting for your qualification at the moment? Then you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application! We are always interested in reinforcing our team with performance-oriented and creative minds.