Pressure swing adsorption [PSA] is a proven process for recovering and purifying hydrogen from feed gases containing hydrogen. In addition to syngas from steam reforming, waste gases from refinery processes and coke oven gas, syngases from the gasification of organic waste materials for the sustainable production of hydrogen can also be considered for this purpose.

Carbotech is a pioneer in this field as well. With decades of experience in adsorption technology, we offer solutions for almost any application. Plant capacities can range from a few hundred to several tens of thousands of cubic meters per hour. Hydrogen with purities up to 99.9999 vol.% can thus be provided for any application. The hydrogen contained in the feed gas is recovered highly efficiently in the process.

We offer you solutions from a single source. In addition to the PSA plant for the production of pure hydrogen, other plant components such as the compression of the feed and product gas, CO shift reactors, desulfurization reactors, etc. can be integrated.